The Gambit

The Gambit as we call her is peppy little scrambler that was made for a dear customer from Siliguri in the North East. A low budget custom job that used few mods but gave a new character to the Pulsar 180.


The VFR was an abandoned machine when we found her. Being the first custom bike built by Autologue we wanted it to take us to our roots as enthusiasts. With a racing event coming up, we made it into a Drag Racer - to look so futuristic and striking that no matter if you like it or not, you definitely can't ignore it. Things really got serious when we added some nitrous!


The donor Bike for the Colt was Yuvraj Singhs Yamaha FZR Genesis 1wg from 1986.He loved his first big bike and wanted a brat styled streetfighter to keep her looking good in the garage amongst his other toys and he loved the chopped styled design we came up with.The modifications include:

- A new fuel Tank

- Forced air Intake system

- CNC machined Custom Aluminium Subframe

-Cnc Machined Custom LED headlamp setup

- Cnc Machined Delrin Engine protectors

- Led TailLamp and Indicators

- Custom Free flow 4x1 Exhaust System