Gixxer SFX Kit

  • Headlamp cover - bolt on panel over the headlamp to change the front fascia of the Gixxer
  • Fairing fillers - extensions of the side panel to cover the open space near the engine to look sportier.
  • Seat cowl- strap on the seat cowl over the seat to #ridesolo and #ditchthepillion. Straps right off in case you need the seat.
5,469.00 INR
Gixxer SFX Seat cowl Gloss Black
2,500.00 INR
Gixxer SFX Tank Grips
859.00 INR
Gixxer SFX Nose Triton Blue
2,500.00 INR
Gixxer SFX Side Fillers Gloss Black
2,500.00 INR